What is the Pac Rim Scholarship?

For new 1st time students who are coachable, committed, and courageous.

Sound like you? GREAT! You're invited to apply for a scholarship to Pacific Rim Athletics for one (1) year fully funded annual tuition and training in one of the following majors:

  • Men's Gymnastics
  • Handbalancing
  • Cirque Aerial Arts
  • Calisthenics & Parkour  

Why does Pac Rim offer this Scholarship?

We've seen these amazing physical and mental transformations carry over into every area of life and have better health and strength than ever before, while doing things many have said "they never thought possible!

How much are the Pac Rim Scholarships?

The scholarship amounts and categories change every semester as the contest grows.

2019 Winter PRA Scholarships include:

Grand Prize Elementary School: One (1) winner of annual tuition for All Access Team Training.

Grand Prize Middle School: One (1) winner of annual tuition for All Access Team Training.

Grand Prize High School: One (1) winner of annual tuition for All Access Team Training.

The training includes: up to 6 days per week of progressive, systematic instruction, 12 private sessions, build a portfolio of work, open gym for anything you need to further your progress, and an online platform to facilitate your growth.

How do I enter?

1. When the contest season starts, the application portal below will become active.

2. When entry opens, complete the application below.

3. Share your story and include your $15 application fee.

4. Get the word out. Remind your friends and family to follow us on Instagram or YouTube and send us a message through one of those platforms to vote for you with the message below:

Scholarship: Vote for NAME

Votes are one of the many factors that help you get noticed by the judges.

When's the deadline?

The contest period will be for November 28, 2019 to December 31, 2019.

Winners are announced January 5, 2020.

The next contest will open in late spring 2020.

How big is the Pac Rim Scholarship Contest?

The 2019 contest is active and LIVE to all of Eagle River, Anchorage, and the Valley. We have hundreds of applicants per year for training and it's only growing bigger.

Where does it lead?

Training with us leads to all sorts of opportunities and careers, including: competition, performance, training, coaching, entrepreneurialism, stunt work, social media, videography, photography, graphic design, and more. We have apprenticeships and internships available too!

What should I do now? What are my next steps?

The Pac Rim Scholarship Contest is LIVE. Complete your application below and include your $15 application fee. On the following page, you'll see Student Success Videos as well as be able to follow us on Instagram and Youtube.

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Pac Rim Scholarship Application Fee

Good luck! Coach Lee And the Pacific Rim Athletics Team