How To Generate 300% More Gym Revenue While 10Xing Strength & Skill and Training Rockstar Students (Case Studies Included)...

From The Desk Of Lee Weiland
Eagle River, AK

Dear Friend,  

If you’d like to generate 3 TIMES more revenue at your gym, academy, or training studio...while building an ARMY of highly trained, disciplined students to achieve things they never thought possible...this is the most important letter you’ll read today.  

I’ll show you why in a minute.

But First...A Disclaimer:

Please understand my results I’m sharing with you are not typical. I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of training in martial arts, acrobatics, and bodyweight strength and skill for decades. I also started teaching at the age of 14. And by 16 had my own martial arts program of over 50 students that I led into competition up through my adult years. I then earned multiple degrees and became a teacher for middle school all the way up to University for every subject from special education to college level philosophy. And then my wife and I built a gym amongst the bears, snow, and igloos of Alaska, in addition to hundreds of highly skilled athletes through the years, a men’s gymnastics team, a cirque performance team, numerous cirque shows… And affiliate gyms as a result. The average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results. I’m using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors...including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. This will be the hardest endeavor of your life. And it’s only for the committed, the action-takers, the coachable, and the resourceful. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT ASK TO ENROLL.  

Here's How You Ended Up Here:

First, you saw some of our content on the internet.  

Maybe it was Strength Moves Academy, maybe Pacific Rim Athletics, maybe our partnership with Mike Feralli and U.S. Gym Products, or maybe some of our free content published across platforms.  

Either way, you’re here for a reason, you’re in our target market, and there’s one very important thing we can help you do because… 

I’ve done it.  

I actually did it single-handedly. No pun-intended. I can make light of it now, but it was probably the one of the hardest parts of my life.

It was after a torn bicep and an arm that was immobilized and then healing for 6 months of recovery after reconstructive surgery. 

With our first child at only 1 year old, only 1 working arm, and not even able to hold my son…  

...I rebuilt our gym infrastructure and created an entire online platform for strength and skills training that’s the best in the world with the best support in the world.  

So that we could keep our gym alive...and not only that, but allow it to THRIVE!  

And this information is in front of you on purpose because you’re in our target market.  

But it wasn’t just the content itself that got you here.  

It was the strategy behind it.  

And here’s how the strategy works:  

First, we targeted you with our content because you look like you’re the same bird “of a feather” as the flock of folks we can probably get good results for as a client.  

Then, we made sure the content you saw or read was actually helpful, motivational, or inspiring to you.  

A lot of care and effort went into that because #1 it’s my life, and #2 it’s one of the most important parts of the equation.  

The reason why is because you and I both know the real key to having someone want to do business with you is to have them… 

Sincerely Know You Can Truly Help Them

And the most effective way to get someone to believe that is to, well, actually help them. So that’s the first thing that got your attention. Maybe you’ve seen some of my videos, read my materials, or saw what some of our students are doing in Strength Moves Academy online or at our gym in Alaska. You paid attention because you’ve already gotten value from us. And now you’re here. 

Here's the Inside Scoop:

This is dramatically different from anything you’ll ever read, watch, or subscribe to because it’s an individualized, methodological, and highly progressive system. The reason why is because I use it for my men’s gymnastics team, Cirque performance team, bodyweight strength and skills athletes all over the world, and is the system for my gym. Plus, this is the very platform my trainers, coaches, and affiliate gyms use for their professional development. And even more importantly, it goes WAY BEYOND physical training and lays out the mechanics for generating leads, revenue, and high quality students in the 21st century.


We call it the Strength Moves Federation.

And it's the best platform in the world for...

Generating qualified, committed leads...

Enrolling them at a premium price for top-notch training...

And then educating your trainers and coaches to build your new students into the Rockstar athletes they were intended to become.  

So let’s talk about how we can use this to help you generate new students at the right price that are consistently performing at high levels.  

The 3 STEPS To Generating 300% Revenue and 10Xing Your Student Achievement  

The first thing we’ll do is figure out where you are and where you want to be.  

Then we’ll lay out the blueprint.  

Most people get this all wrong, which is why you and I have such a huge opportunity.  

They spend most of their time and resources…  

Doing things either backwards (yes, literally backwards)…  

Using outdated methods (nobody wants to be “sold”)...  

Or offering cheap and easy (and nobody really wants fast-food level prices for physical training).  

You’ll do the opposite because we’ll reverse engineer the system and lay it out for you.

Step 1: Master Your Offer You must invest the time to master your discipline and bring people 300% more value. And you must master communicating to your clients HOW you can SOLVE their problem. And then you must make that CLEAR to the RIGHT AUDIENCE at the RIGHT TIME. Mastery does not mean how good you are, but rather how much knowledge you possess, how you’re able to implement that knowledge, and how flexible and adaptable you are with that knowledge… And most importantly, how effective you are in COMMUNICATING that knowledge to others to inspire, motivate, and encourage them to greatness. Step 2: Generate the Traffic You must get YOUR MESSAGE to the SPECIFIC MASSES you can MOST HELP. And they must come to know you, like you, and trust you. And chances are, they already want what you’re selling. And it is selling that separates success from failure...for everything from a marriage, to raising children, to operating a business, to investing in real estate--your ability to convey your message to others and have them take action is life is what paves your path to success. And so now it’s time to share what you have to sell.  

BUT...there's a CATCH!

If you do this wrong, you’ll break a very important bond...and all your hard work will go up in smoke.  

Ever wonder why there are loads of people in the gym or doing online programs but not getting anywhere...athletes and trainers included?  

It’s because it’s backwards, outdated, or cheap and easy.  

But if you do it right, you’ll be able to continually enroll new students and help them achieve more than you’ve ever dreamed.  

Step 3: The Relationship  

The secret sauce is the relationship.  

That’s what turns your current followers into your loyal ambassadors and complete strangers into raving fans and customers.  

This is done through a network of relationships.  

Ever heard the expression your network is your net worth? It’s true, and here’s how it works:  

 1. It begins with your message delivered to your target audience  

 2. They view your content (videos, webinars, emails, letters) and build a connection with you  

 3. You bring them in and help them make the most progress they ever have in their life  

No community (Strength Moves Federation)? Then less network. Less net worth.  

No support (Strength Moves University)? Then mountains of trial and error await and no accountability for taking action.  

No coaching (Lee Weiland and the SMA team)? Then no objective analysis, no feedback, no customization, no mentorship, and no PUSH! And that’s what I’M KNOWN FOR!  

That's why we combine all 3 FOR you.

There’s an art and science to it...and we’ve mastered it.  

Our sole desire is to make sure this is literally the single most profitable investment you’ve ever made.  

And we’ll work tirelessly to make that happen.  

We provide the BEST, most MODERN approach for attracting new students: The Strength Moves Federation Lead Generating Platform.  

We provide the most EFFECTIVE METHOD for enrolling new students: The Strength Moves Admissions Process.  

We provide the most IN-DEPTH ONLINE SYSTEM for training for both you, your trainers, and your new students, no matter if they’re at your gym or away on vacation: Strength Moves Online University (which includes every necessary level and progression for strength, mobility, and skill in handbalancing, parkour, calisthenics, and cirque arts)  

This all comes together to help you make a 300% ROI in your gym. Exactly what I’ve done!  

That means for every 1 dollar that goes in, 3 come out, or more!  


3 reasons:  

 1. You’re able to lead by example and achieve higher levels of strength and skill, that we help you attain.  

 2. You’re able to provide an entire online platform to your students (every single adult at my gym is required to use it), that we provide.  

 3. You’re able to hand pick your students and enroll them through clear and effective social media campaign and a selective Admissions Process, that we’ll teach you. 

Here's How To Get Started

Enrollment will go up significantly next month, and the month after, so stop waiting and apply now.  

It’s only for people who are already training and want to start taking on students or already in the position of a trainer or coach.  

So if you’re already training, we can push you, your teaching, and your business to the next level.  

Oh...and if you’re interested, keep your money.  

I don’t want you to pay me a dime until you and I are both 100% certain this is the best thing for you to do right now.  

And there’s no way either one of us can really know that unless we talk and get to know each other.  

So if you’re interested, let’s set up a time to talk ASAP.  

We’ll answer any questions you have, and we’ll ask you a few as well.  

And if we decide we’re a good fit, then we can move forward.  

And if we don’t, that’s fine. If you’re happy, we’re happy. It really is that simple  

So with that said, fill out your info below and book a time to talk ASAP.